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Най-силните антиоксиданти в природата. Под формата на сок. Без добавки, без подсладители, неразредени. 100% NFC супер сокове от органична арония и череша.

About us

About us  

We are a family-owned-company, in the heart of which are engineers with vast experience in exclusive wine and specialty juices production. Soft fruits are our life. Our mission to produce only natural high quality juice was the reason to create these amazing products, using nature’s gifts and delivering them in the form of superjuices.

Our Juices

We take a great pride in our juices – they are not only one of the most nutritious and healthy foods on the planet, but here in Bulgaria we have the perfect climate for growing these fruits, thus we have the chance to use our homegrown fruits to produce superjuices of the highest quality. We use our own gardens and combine them with our network of high-quality producers in Bulgaria. We are extremely thorough in our selection process and we don’t do compromises – only healthy and rape fruits go into our juices. Add to that our refined production process and the final product calls for purity – we don’t add any other fruit like apple, carrot, orange, or any other fruit juice, used to bring the cost down.

Our Technology

We use the latest technology for premium fruit superjuices. Low temperature is at the center of the process, which allows us to get the amazing flavor out of the fruits and to preserve the nutrient content in our products.

No GMO, no additives, no pesticides

We produce the highest quality juice from one of the healthiest fruits known to men. There is no place in them for GMO, pesticides, additives, or any other thing in that regard.

Healthy lifestyle

We understand your needs. Use our juices to benefit from nature’s gifts and celebrate life. Our mission is to provide you with these unique fruits in the easiest way to consume.