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Най-силните антиоксиданти в природата. Под формата на сок. Без добавки, без подсладители, неразредени. 100% NFC супер сокове от органична арония и череша.


Aronia is originally from North America and the history of this superfruit extends back to precolonial times and associates with the traditions of Native Americans. They used it as a remedy in case of gastritis, inflammation, colic, fever, sore throat, diarrhea.
It’s existence in Europe was first spotted in the end of 19th century in Russia. Since 1950’s it spreads across the Balkan states and Central Europe.
Aronia gains attraction after the incidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima when it is used to relief those infected by radiation. It has the extraordinary ability to recover muscles and to eliminate heavy metals, radioactive elements and toxins.

The Bulgarian Aronia has better taste, due to the more favorable climate for growing it.

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