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Най-силните антиоксиданти в природата. Под формата на сок. Без добавки, без подсладители, неразредени. 100% NFC супер сокове от органична арония и череша.


Oxidative Stress

When it comes to oxidative stress, cherry juice is one of men’s best friends. Oxidative stress is one of our biggest enemies. It is a result of the daily impact of pollution (cigarette smoke, vehicle’s smoke, dust), unhealthy food, lack of activity. Obesity, fatigue, lack of good quality sleep, weakening of the immune system, fast skin aging and skin problems are results of the oxidative stress.
The anthocyanins in the cherry juice will help you fight oxidative stress.

Sleep deprivation

Lack of good sleep is becoming a common problem in modern society, affecting many individuals and resulting in emotional difficulties, poor job performance, obesity and lower perception of quality of life.
Cherries are natural source of melatonin and they will help you recover, so you can feel better the next day.

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